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Are You Trying To Be A Wonder Women Too?

One of my favorite superhero characters is Wonder Woman…because I used to think that I’m indestructible like Wonder Woman too (lol).

Like Wonder woman, I wear different hats because of my endless passion. I am a healthcare professional and also a business owner who is passionate about maximising my potential.

Some of my friends were concerned if I was pushing myself too hard. They asked, “Isabelle, how can you manage to squeeze in soooooo many things in your day? Are you crazy?

I laughed it off. In fact, I was proud of it because I glorified myself for being a workaholic as it is a sign of productivity.

As a dentist, I also take pride in my great work ethic. Not only that I pack a lot into my already busy schedule, but I also want to ensure I deliver the highest quality work possible.

As a result? I was in full blast, 100% work mode at all times. One of the busiest months was at the end of last year. While everyone was indulging in their year-end relaxation during the long Christmas break, I was stretching my limits, both physically & mentally. I could remember vividly that on my 29th birthday, I almost fainted due to low blood sugar after skipping my lunch in the clinic, and still need to brace myself to rush through some funnel revisions afterward.

It was so exhausting. Not a very fun birthday, after all.

Ah, So This Is How Burnout Feels Like

After months of sleep deprivation and migraines, I started to lost my passion & excitement for work. I was so emotionally drained, I can’t relax completely even after a good bowl of ice cream and a deliberate 10-hours sleep. I broke down emotionally a few times, and for the first time ever, I understand how BURNOUT feels like.

Working more but not working smart was costing me both my physical and mental health, at the expense of my relationships too. It suddenly hit me like a brick that I was not putting myself first:. I had sacrificed my well-being. It made me ponder, “does this really worth the sacrifice?

What my inner self really wants is simply a fulfilled life with time freedom to focus on what I love doing, spend time with people I love, and most importantly, enjoy inner peace despite my thriving business.

That's Enough!

So I stopped hustle for the sake of being ‘productive’. I started outsourcing work that are not in my zone of genius, so that I can focus on what matters most. Instead of immersing myself in work 24/7, I started to set boundaries and reserve time for self-care routines like meditations, workouts & reading.

And magic happened:

  • My inner self is finally being seen, understood & respected - I allow myself to rest when my inner voice said so, without the guilt of “being lazy”

  • A massive weight lifted off me - I felt lighter and relieved tremendously, after so long

  • My relationships are improving, as I stopped rushing through conversations but slow down to observe & communicate effectively.

  • My business is hitting new peak when I worked less (can you believe this?) as things are more systematic with my decluttered mind.

  • Most importantly, I was back being the bubbly Isabelle that everyone missed! 

You Care For Your Clients' Well-being... And I Care For Yours.

As a healthcare professional, I genuinely care about my clients' well-being... and so are you as a life & health coach/ therapist. You want to use your knowledge to help more clients with their health & emotions...

... but have neglected your own?

You take pride in your brand and business and want to deliver the best....but you also don't have the mental capacity to do it all yourself or babysit freelancers/ contractors. You value your wellbeing, your family time and want to spend your time serving your clients at the highest level.

Even Wonder Woman Needs A Break & A Trustable Sidekick To Make Their Life Easier So They Can Recharge & Rest

If this resonates with you and you want to have irresistible branding websites & funnels done for you seamlessly without being overwhelmed by the techy details or wasting hundreds of hours into your own attempt...let's have a quick chat about how I can help you!


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